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About the photographer:
I have been looking through a lens since I was 19 years old.  I love the work I do!  I hope you will too! I was born in Oceanside California, graduated from Oceanside High in 1971.  I have a degree in Television and Film from California State University Northridge.  I worked for many years as a News and Sports, Television Camera Person in Los Angeles.  However as a result of many changes in my life and facing death too many times, (once is enough), I set out to do what it was that I am passionate about...Photography!  I love taking pretty pictures. In 1997, I took on a journey of a lifetime!  I traveled from the tip of Baja California, all way north to the Arctic Circle in Alaska...and back.  I traveled down the Canadian Rockies, through Colorado, Utah and more.  I must have crossed the Continental Divide at least 50 times.  I traveled more than 25,000 miles, visited 13 states, 3 countries, and exposed more than 300 rolls of film.  Much of what I experienced can be found right here on my website.
After my return, I have traveled less, but have been photographing the beautiful Southern California area. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out and contact me via e-mail or by phone. Thank you for your visit! Robert de Crevecoeur 760-941-2111